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Calypso Wedding Films is a group of passionate and skilled creatives serving South Florida and Orlando. We take the responsibility of being the gate keepers of the memories from your wedding day.


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Questions To Ask Your Videographer

A step-by-step guide to add value and context to the conversations you should start with with a wedding videographer. Or ANY wedding vendor, for that matter.

Why Work With Us?


We are passionate creatives who understand composition, storytelling, and the technical aspects of videography.


We believe in the power of a team approach, ensuring couples can trust that the photo and video crew work as a unified team.


We have extensive experience filming weddings that encompass a wide range of traditions and religions of all backgrounds.

How it works



Send a message to connect, and we’ll answer questions and help you choose the coverage you will need.


Say ‘I do’

Our team will work seamlessly with your photo crew to capture your amazing wedding day.


Movie Night

You’ll receive a link to your gallery where you can view, share and download your wedding films.


Film a Wedding, Feed a Pet Project

Our goal with film a wedding, feed a pet, is not only to create a great wedding film, but also to help make the idea of GIVING a part of your wedding day.

For every wedding we film, we donate a portion to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue to help animals in need, right here in West Palm Beach.

Pricing & Information

Most couples spend on average $1900-$3400

Choose from one of three packages – each with a variety of coverage times to fit your budget and wedding timeline.

Please send a message for a full pricing guide

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a hybrid style encompassing cinematic elements with the simplicity of a photojournalist documentary wedding videography. We film the full ceremony, all of the toasts, formal dancing, and everything in between. The goal is for your wedding film to be a document of your day and be enjoyable to watch.

The term ‘Cinematic’ is a style of videography that makes a wedding video looks like a movie. A cinematic wedding videographer specializes in capturing wedding events using techniques and equipment commonly seen in movie-like productions. This style of videography aims to create a visually stunning and emotionally compelling wedding film that often resembles a beautifully crafted movie.

Hiring a photographer who also offers video services is not advised. Not all photographers may have the necessary skills to provide both services at the same level of expertise. It’s always best to check their portfolio and see photography and videography work examples to ensure their capabilities align with your vision for the wedding coverage.

A wedding videographer can capture moments and emotions in a way that photography alone cannot. A well-made wedding video allows you to relive the day and experience the sights and sounds, including speeches, vows, and interactions, which can be incredibly sentimental and meaningful.

Photography does not replace video; they both can capture the essence of the wedding day, and they offer different ways of preserving memories and emotions. A well-crafted wedding video allows you to relive the sights and sounds of the day, including the vows, speeches, laughter, and interactions that photos alone cannot capture. It adds a dynamic and emotional dimension to your memories, making it feel like you’re experiencing the day all over again.

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Why We Became Videographers in West Palm Beach

From the iconic Jupiter Lighthouse to the vibrant streets of Downtown West Palm, our team is rooted deep in the heart of South Florida, serving Jupiter, WPB, West Palm, Boca, and Delray Beach. As locals, we nurtured our craft and passion in the very heart of WPB, making us more than just videographers — we’re storytellers who know every hidden corner of Palm Beach County. We don’t just know the popular spots and iconic landmarks. We know some incredible hidden gems, perfect for a unique photo session infused with a gorgeous backdrop of South Florida.

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