One Company for Photo and Videography or Two?

We may get some slack for this but, I’m going to let you in on a secret. Companies that provide both photography and videography often excel more in one field than the other. Of course, it’s merely our perspective, but with over 16 years of filming weddings, we’ve observed this pattern- a lot.

I’ll break it down so that you can make the best decision for your wedding.

Should I Hire wedding photography that offers video too?

Is it cheaper to get photo and video from the same company?

It’s not cheaper to go with a company who does both. No photography company adds on video so that they can discount their work. This is a *huge* fallacy, that couples who are planning their wedding believe. It’s simply not true that you can get a better deal by booking both photo and video with the same company. If you see a discounted combo package it’s usually for these reasons:

Low quality: One of the services may be discounted because the quality is far less. We see photography companies adding sub-par video services at a discounted rate. With wedding photography and videography, you truly get what you pay for.

Inflated Prices – If you see a discount when booking both photo and video, you are likely not actually getting a discount. It’s common practice to inflate prices so that a price can be discounted.

Experience-  Newer videographers tend to have longer delivery time from my experience. I’ve heard stories where couples don’t receive their form for 6 months, because of the inexperience of the videographers, back-log or simply not good at handling the newly acquired service. Experience isn’t just about mastering the craft; it’s also about client service, understanding needs, efficient communication, and timely delivery. Established companies usually have a streamlined process in place, reducing hiccups and ensuring a smoother experience.

Should I hire video and photo separately?

You will get better photos and a better wedding film. When you hire people who specialize in one or the other, you will get a better product. They have spent years honing in on their craft. Unbundling services allows you to pick the best of both worlds. You can choose a photographer based on their merit and do the same for a videographer, ensuring you’re not paying a premium for bundled services.

You will get the best price because it hasn’t been inflated to “give” a discount. A bundled service might appear as value addition on the surface, but it’s essential to scrutinize what’s behind the package deal. Remember, in a professional setting, quality almost always has its price.

You will get the best service when you go with experienced companies. Ask how long it will take to get the final photos and videos. Companies who offer both usually begin with offering either photo only or video only. They added the secondary service for several reasons. Usually, it’s because it’s so they can make more money. Making money isnt a bad thing but it’s something to keep in mind.

The Benefits of hiring a company that offers both

Choosing a photography company that also offers videography services is a savvy decision for couples who prioritize cohesion and streamlined communication on their wedding day. Having a single company manage both aspects ensures a harmonious working dynamic, as the team is accustomed to collaborating together. Hiring one company for both services can foster better coordination, as they’ll have a unified vision and strategy for capturing your special day, which can ultimately lead to a more cohesive final product in both photos and videos.

However, there’s also a strong case to be made for sourcing a specialized video team, and in such instances, your photographer can be a valuable asset. Asking your chosen photographer for videographer recommendations can be a game-changer. They often have a network of trusted videographers with whom they’ve worked seamlessly in the past. This collaboration, borne out of prior experiences, can lead to the video team working as harmoniously with the photographer as if they were from the same company. The end goal is always to ensure both teams complement each other, capturing your day perfectly from every angle.

The pros of Hiring Separate Companies for wedding Photo and video

Specialization has its benefits. A photographer who has dedicated years to capturing still moments has likely encountered various challenges, learned from them, and perfected the craft. The same goes for a seasoned videographer. Merging two distinct crafts might dilute the quality of both.

The learning curve in videography, especially for important events like weddings, is steep. A seasoned photographer might not necessarily make a good videographer straight away, and vice versa. New entrants to the field may struggle with the technicalities and logistics, affecting the delivery timeline and quality.


The bottom line: We advise hiring separate companies‘ photo and video so that you get the best from both companies. Most companies focus on one skill, you may find companies who do both, maybe better at photography than the videography they offer or vice-versa. Diversity in offerings doesn’t always equate to expertise in all those fields. It’s like a restaurant that offers numerous cuisines – while variety is great, the depth of flavor in each dish might not match up to a specialty restaurant. Prioritizing quality over convenience can make all the difference in capturing memories that last a lifetime.

Remember, weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events, and the memories captured will be cherished forever. Ensure you’re entrusting this task to those who excel in their craft.

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