Why Every Couple Should Consider Hiring a Wedding Videographer: Insights from TV Personality and Wedding Expert David Tutera

As a seasoned wedding videographer, I’ve witnessed countless couples radiate happiness on their wedding. I’ve been fortunate to capture those timeless moments — the nervous glance, the gentle caress, the laughter, the tears — and weave them into stories that can be relived for years to come. But one of the most common remarks I hear from couples post-wedding is: “I wish we had hired a videographer.”

David Tutera, echoed a sentiment I’ve held for years. In a recent interview, David shed light on the importance of hiring a videographer, and it’s not something couples should dismiss as optional.

David revealed, “I always insist that my clients consider booking videography on top of photography. Then, they always ask, “Can my photographer do my videography?” The answer is that while they probably can, my advice is that you hire a separate expert, allowing the photographer to focus just on what he or she does best.”

His point is valid. In the realm of weddings, photography and videography are distinct arts. A photographer captures a still moment, while a videographer captures the essence and emotion of the movement. Dividing their attention could mean compromising the quality of both. Each professional brings a unique set of skills, equipment, and vision. To expect one person to fulfill both roles is a tall order.

Further emphasizing the significance of videography, David added, “The reason why I insist on video? When your wedding is long over, you’ll sooner watch a video than look at your photos. And when you’re celebrating your 25th or 50th anniversary, you’ll want to see and remember your loved ones who have since passed on still. The movement of your guests set to powerful music is so much more impactful than looking at photos. But that’s not to say that videography is a replacement for photos. No, photography is still so super important to me.”

David’s insight resonates deeply with me. Videos have a unique power to teleport us back in time. They not only capture sights but also sounds, expressions, nuances, and dynamics of interactions. Imagine watching your wedding video years later and hearing your loved ones’ laughter, their voices, the music, and the emotions of the day. Reliving that day all over again.

As wedding videographers, our mission goes beyond merely recording the events of the day. It’s about crafting a narrative, an encapsulation of the love story of two individuals coming together. It’s about the tears in a father’s eyes as he gives away his daughter, the uncontrollable laughter during the speeches, and the way the couple’s eyes lock during their first dance. These are moments that deserve to be immortalized.

Budget constraints might make it tempting to opt out of hiring a videographer, it’s crucial to consider the long-term value. The memories captured on film will serve as a tangible, heartfelt reminder of your love story for years to come.

So, as you embark on the journey of planning your wedding day, heed the advice of experts like David Tutera. Let photographs capture the moments, and let videos tell your story.

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